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Patio Furniture Cleaning Services

Do you have beautiful and expensive patio furniture that gets dirty every year after the being stored away or exposed to the harsh North Easter winters?

The Ultimate Cleaning Service has the solution you need to get your patio furniture looking as good as new. Cal us today for a free estimate on our comprehensive patio furniture cleaning service. Just like anything that sits outside exposed to the elements, it eventually ends up covered in dirt; your patio furniture is no different, it gets dirty.

Do not attempt to clean your outdoor patio furniture on your own and risk ruining your beautiful furniture. Call the experts at The Ultimate Cleaning service and make sure that your outdoor furniture can be used again year after year while looking like it is brand new.

Call (914) 939-4132 For A Free Quote!

Please take the time to browse around our site and learn about our other great services. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have. The gutter cleaning estimate is to clean the inside of the gutters by hand. All debris will be bagged and discarded.