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Window Treatments

Window Treatments can be cleaned on-site or at our Plant

We clean, repair, and recondition fine custom window treatments to the highest quality standards for the Residential and Commercial markets.

We started cleaning draperies in 1988. Cleaning, and when necessary, repairing fine drapery ensures that your investment will last for many years.  From the antique silk drapery in the finest homes to the simplest ready made sheers. We offer complete take down and rehang service for custom draperies and top treatments to be cleaned in our plant. For finer fabrics and more elaborate window treatments we offer on-site cleaning without the hassle of take down and rehanging

  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
  • Blind Washing
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Specialty Shades

Window Treatment Questions and Answers

Q: Why clean your blinds?
A: Other than for aesthetic purposes, there are several reasons why you should clean your blinds and window treatments. Such reasons include:

  • ALLERGIES – Helps alleviates dust mites or other irritants that collect on blinds
  • SMOKE RESIDUE – Removes nicotine or smoke caused by fire damage
  • DIRT & GRIME – Extends the life of your blinds by removing dirt, oils, grease, grime, etc.

Q: What is and why use Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?
A: Unlike hand cleaning your blinds, ultrasonic blind cleaning
involves submerging your window treatments in a trough of
water. Millions of tiny bubbles traveling at rapid speeds bounce
off your blinds, removing dirt, grime, smoke, etc. There is no
manual scrubbing of the blinds. Ultrasonic blind cleaning allows
us to clean your blinds without bending, breaking or scratching them. It also lets us clean the wands, headrails and cords.

Q: What does your ultrasonic blind cleaning service include?
A: The following:

  • Free pick-up and delivery.
  • Free take down and rehang
  • Repair/replace blinds for an additional charge

Q: What kind of window treatments can be ultrasonically
A: The following:

  • Mini-blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Silhouette shades

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Please take the time to browse around our site and learn about our other great services. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have. The gutter cleaning estimate is to clean the inside of the gutters by hand. All debris will be bagged and discarded.

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