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How to Maintain Your Oriental Rugs

An Oriental rug is a pretty big investment, so it makes sense to protect your investment and make it last as long as possible. This Ultimate Cleaning Service guide will help you maintain your Oriental rugs and carpets.


The easiest step you can take to maintain your carpet and oriental rugs is to vacuum them regularly. High traffic areas such as hallways should be vacuumed twice a week while out of the way areas should be done once a week.

Vacuuming not only removes dirt, but it also removes grit and other items near the base of the carpet hairs. If these items are not removed, they can fray or cut the carpet hairs as people walk across the floor. The bets way to  remove the debris, is to vacuum each area of carpet multiple times and to move the vacuum slowly when doing so.


Everyone’s biggest fear  is to have a spill on their carpet and oriental rugs that leaves a stain. Most carpets and oriental rugs are spill resistant these days, but you still need to take action to remove the spill before it leaves the dreaded stain.

When cleaning the spill, people tend to rub the carpet to get the liquid out. This is a major mistake. Rubbing the spill will spread the stain and result in a bigger stain.

The best method is to blot the liquid. Use the same type of pressure you would when using a sponge to blot up a spill on a table and you should get most of the liquid. Of course, blotting will not remove all the liquid. The next step is to use a cleaning agent to totally remove the stain.

Cleaning agents react differently to different fabrics and fibers. They most likely will not ruin your carpet, they can lighten the carpets color. It’s best to test your cleaning product in a non-descript corner to make sure using it will not severely discolor the carpet. If the test area looks good, simply follow the directions on the product and your carpet should be good to go.

Deep Cleaning

Even will diligent maintenance every carpet will eventually need a deep cleaning. This typically occurs when you notice the carpet kicking up significant amounts of dust when someone walks across it or if the carpet develops an almost sticky feel. If you notice either condition, it is time for a deep cleaning.
The following are the services offered by Ultimate Cleaning Service:

  • Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Tru Dri Cleaning