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Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Services

An experienced Persian rug cleaning professional can have any floor covering restored to its original color and comfortable feel in no time. Persian rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas with a lot of foot traffic and they often end up stained and soiled after a while, especially in the winter or wet weather. Stores carry a lot of different carpet cleaning solutions, but none of those solutions can restore the beauty of your Persian rug the way that a Professional cleaning service can. If your not careful those store bought carpet cleaners can also damage or discolor your rug. The different materials used to make a Persian rug make cleaning one a job best left for an expert. Every rug is different and has different patterns of fading or different types of stains. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding how best to clean and restore the rug.

You will maintain the value and the beauty of your Persian rug for a much longer time when you leave the cleaning and general care of your rug to an experienced professional. Regardless how old your textile is, an expert will show special care is taken to maintain its structure and natural fibers. Experts will always know the best methods and tools to use to provide the most amazing results.

At Ultimate Cleaning Services we have over 25 years of experience cleaning Persian rugs and restoring their natural beauty. We proudly serve clients in Westchester County as well as New York City and Connecticut. We will clean your Persian rug on site, pick it up and return it, or you can choose to drop it off. No matter what you choose, we will have your Persian rug looking as beautiful as the day it was made.

Call us today at (914) 939-4132 or contact us online for an estimate.