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It may not look like it outside, but spring is a week away! Now is a great time to get your house ready to give you the best possible chance of selling it quickly and profitably. Weather is not always kind to our homes. Power washing is an effective way of removing all of the […]

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Gutter Cleaning Services in NY and CT

Leaves are starting to fall and in addition to picking up all those leaves around your house another thing that often goes overlooked this time of year is your gutters. Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home. Don’t wait until you notice a problem to get their gutters cleaned. Debris can collect in the gutter and tear it […]

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Oriental Rugs - Persian Rugs

An experienced Persian rug cleaning professional can have any floor covering restored to its original color and comfortable feel in no time. Persian rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas with a lot of foot traffic and they often end up stained and soiled after a while, especially in the winter or wet weather. Stores carry a […]

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NY-CT Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

An Oriental rug is a pretty big investment, so it makes sense to protect your investment and make it last as long as possible. This Ultimate Cleaning Service guide will help you maintain your Oriental rugs and carpets. Vacuuming The easiest step you can take to maintain your carpet and oriental rugs is to vacuum […]

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